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Belize, Central America

All About Us

We love sharing the wonders of Belize while providing educational services to students here. We are thrilled to see the sense of awe when students experience new knowledge first hand through their field work and community service. Belize challenges students to move outside their comfort zone. Our students achieve amazing results when they do something they didn't think they could or have never tried before. Watching a student grow personally with a new view of the world makes us feel C.E.L.A. has accomplished something worthwhile.

C.E.L.A. isn’t just about the few of us who founded it either. It is about the community of people who teach, live and work in Belize and provide services to our students. Student fees contribute to the development of Belize through donations to local organizations, contributions to communities for service learning projects and the employment of Belizeans. We are proud to be Belizean and building this great little country.

Our Specialities

Animal Science
Marine Biology
Environmental Science
Health Sciences
Community Development

Our History

Our organization was born in 2010 when a group of friends and co-workers decided Belize had so much to offer students and professionals in unique learning experiences that we formed a company to assist those who wanted to visit, study, and learn about Belize. Coming up with a name which expressed what we wanted do was actually much harder than we thought. We wanted to convey our educational purpose with a focus on sustainability. We decided on I.S.I.S which stood for the Institute for Sustainable International Studies. We know Isis is the Egyptian goddess of the earth and the patroness of nature, so our initials were quite apt. The fact that Dr. Nancy, our Executive Director, also has a cat called Isis sealed the deal.

Then, as you all know, the civil war in Syria escalated and a group of extremists decided that a Caliphate was what the middle east needed and the media took to calling them ISIS. We waited to see what would happen, relieved that people were smart enough not to mix us up! In the end, with so much negativity around that acronym we decided that we would change our name. After much head scratching we decided to call ourselves Center for Engaged Learning Abroad, C.E.L.A. Belize.

Educational Consulting Corporation

Educational Consulting Corporation, Inc.(ECC) is a State of Georgia corporation that does business as (dba) the Center for Engaged Learning Abroad (C.E.L.A.), located in San Ignacio, Belize.The Corporation was created in 2004 and is managed by C.E.L.A. as its US business arm. For confirmation of ECC’s status with the State of Georgia, please go to: cgov.sos.state.ga.us

About Cayo

Belizean often boast that "the west is the best" and they have a lot to be proud of. Here you will find lush jungle, maya ruins, mountain pine ridge, cave systems and crystal clear rivers. Cayo is favored by many as the country's eco-tourist destination.

  • Geographical Features

    Cayo district covers approximately 2000 square miles and the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena are located 72 miles west of Belize City.

  • Culture

    English is the official language but Spanish is most often heard as you get closer to the Guatemala border. 15 miles west of Belmopan is the modern Mennonite town of Spanish Lookout. Spanish lookout is a thriving argiculture community and boasts hardware and automotive stores. Many Maya, Garifuna, Kriol, Chinese, Indian and Lebanese people call Cayo home.

The People At C.E.L.A.

At C.E.L.A. we are proud to host Belizean and International faculty which will make your learning experience one that you will never forget. We are adding associates all the time so check this page regularly.

C.E.L.A Management & Staff

Faculty | Community Assoc.

  • Dr. Nancy Adamson
    Dr. Nancy Adamson

    Executive Director
    See my C.V.

  • Dr. Filiberto Penados
    Dr. Filiberto Penados

    Academic Director
    See my C.V.

  • Ms Cynthia Reece
    Ms. Cynthia Reece

    Communications and Enrollment Director
    See my Bio

  • Sonia Burns
    Mrs. Sonia Burns

    Technical Support

  • Ms. Rhonda Castillo
    Ms. Rhonda Castillo

    Logistics and Operations Manager

  • Mark Chatarpal
    Mark Chatarpal

    Study Abroad Officer

    See my C.V.

  • Mrs. Sylvia Simpson
    Mrs. Sylvia Simpson

    Administrative Support, U.K.
    About me.


C.E.L.A Faculty

Management | Community Assoc.

  • Mr. Boris Arevalo
    Mr. Boris Arevalo

    Biologist and Tropical Forest Ecologist
    See my C.V.

  • Mr. Jay Ashman
    Mr. Jay Ashman

    Community Development and Applied Economics
    See my C.V.

  • Dr. Jaimie Awe
    Dr. Jaimie Awe

    See my C.V.

  • Dr. Ed Boles
    Dr.Ed Boles

    Aquatic Ecologist
    See my C.V.

  • Ms. Jane Champion
    Ms. Jane Champion

    Wildlife and Primatology
    See my C.V.

  • Mr. Mathieu Charette
    Mr. Mathieu Charette

    Wildlife and Marine Biology
    See my C.V.

  • Dr. Gabrielle Clodomir
    Dr. Gabrielle Clodomir

    See my C.V.

  • Dr. Lorelei Cropley
    Dr. Lorelei Cropley

    Public Health and Health Education
    See my C.V.

  • Andrew Di Salvo, DVM
    Andrew Di Salvo, DVM

    Wildlife Veterinarian and Conservation
    See my Bio

  • Dr. Emma Gardner
    Dr. Emma Gardner

    See my C.V.

  • Dr. Andrew Hatala
    Dr. Andrew Hatala

    Medical Anthropologist
    See my C.V.

  • Ms. Vanessa Kilburn
    Ms. Vanessa Kilburn

    Conservation Biology
    See my C.V.

  • Dr. Michelle Kneeland
    Dr. Michelle Kneeland DVM

    Wildlife Veterinarian
    See my C.V.

  • Ms. Stephanie McGinnis
    Ms. Stephanie McGinnis

    Biological Science
    See my C.V.

  • Dr. Julio Mercado
    Dr. Julio Mercado

    Wildlife Veterinarian
    See my C.V.

  • Ms. Joni Miller
    Ms. Joni Miller

    Founder: Ocean Academy, Caye Caulker
    See my C.V.

  • Mrs. Juanita Saqui
    Mrs. Juanita Saqui (PhD Candidate)

    Ecology and Forest Resources
    See my C.V.

  • Dr. Pio Saqui
    Dr. Pio Saqui

    See my C.V.

  • Ms. Melanie Smith
    Ms. Melanie Smith

    Sociology and Community Development
    See my C.V.

  • Dr. Edwardo Tesecum
    Dr. Edwardo Tesecum

    Veterinarian and Coordinator at B.A.H.A.
    See my C.V.

  • Dr. Colin Young
    Dr. Colin Young

    Environmental Science and CEO Ministry Natural Resources
    See my C.V.


C.E.L.A. Community Associates

Management | Faculty Assoc.

  • Joe Awe
    Joe Awe

    San Ignacio

  • Reynold Cal
    Reynold Cal

    @ The Belize Zoo
    About Me

  • Cristina Coc
    Cristina Coc

    Toledo Program Coordinator
    About Me

  • Rafael Guerra
    Rafael Guerra

    San Ignacio
    About Me

  • Anna Hoare
    Anna Hoare

    Belize City
    About Me

  • Rafael Manzanero
    Rafael Manzanero

    FCD, Succotz
    About Me

  • Ricky Manzanero
    Ricky Manzanero

    Bullet Tree Falls
    About me.

  • Ted McKoy
    Ted McKoy

    Hopkins Village
    About me.

  • Pablo Mis
    Pablo Mis

    About me.

  • Ruben Tesecum
    Ruben Tesecum

    San Ignacio


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Our Mission

To expand the world view of participants by providing high quality, relevant, dynamic, socially responsible and academically challenging experiences.

Our Vision

We are the number one choice in Belize for providing professional and academic education by exceeding our participants’ expectations and contributing to the success of the communities with which we work.

Our Core Values

Sustainability: We are committed to building a better understanding of Belize's rich cultures and biodiversity whilst ensuring our business activities have a beneficial and sustaining impact.

Respect: We treat everyone with dignity, equality, kindness and trust regardless of ethnicity, lifestyle, gender and beliefs.

Teamwork: We work together through cooperation, dedication, respect and open communication.

Collaboration: We actively pursue and value cooperative relationships in pursuit of our mission and vision.

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Center for Engaged Learning Abroad

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Central America
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