Primate Ecology and Conservation: An Introduction to Field Research

This brand new 10 day course is designed for undergraduate or veterinary students with an interest in primates from biology or conservation perspective.

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Primate Ecology and Conservation

The Community Baboon Sanctuary (CBS) has set the standard for community based conservation. Over 200 landowners have pledged to project that habitat of the local howler monkey population. The black howler monkey (Alouatta pigra), known as a Baboon in Creole, is classified as endangered by the IUCN. This includes the populations in Yucatan, southern Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. From 1985-1999, censuses at CBS showed steady population growth. Estimates have showed a steady increase to over 2000 monkeys; however a complete census has not been done since 1999. This project will update the conservation status and give up to date results of the original goal of CBS: to protect howler monkeys and to examine the overall health of the monkeys. When animals experience high population density there is often a correlation with high parasite loads and stress levels. Finally, the course will engage in community education with the villages within the Community Baboon Sanctuary (CBS).

This field course provides an introduction to field research in primatology and will engage students in wildlife conservation. Course topics explore the behavior, ecology and conservation of nonhuman primates (New World monkeys and howler monkeys, (Alouatta pigra) in particular), with emphasis on natural history and adaptation to the environment. Specific topics include methods for the study of primate behavior, history of primate behavior research, socio-ecology, foraging, predation, affiliation, aggression, mating, parenting, development, communication, and conservation. Because most primate species are listed as threatened or endangered, the course will also examine the threats to primate survival and strategies for their conservation. Students will be trained in various methods of collecting behavioral, physical and ecological data, and will practice those methods during fieldwork. This is a rigorous course with a great deal of field research. Students will live with Belizean families in Bermudian Landing, Belize District who will supply three meals a day. The village is very rural with very limited internet and transportation service.

Winter 2017-2018 session will run from December 26th 2017 to January 8th 2018. Application deadline for winter is October 30th.

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Study Primate Ecology
  • Day 1

    Arrival in Belize, Transfer to the Belize River Valley, Orientation

  • Day 2

    Introductory lectures and field work on locating, identifying and categorizing monkeys

  • Day 3

    Behavioral Data Collection

  • Day 4 - 7

    Population census count and data collections

  • Day 8

    Free Time

  • Day 8-12

    Population census count and data collection

  • Day 13

    Course Ends

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