Cleopatra White Healthcare Scholarship

The Center for Engaged Learning Abroad – CELA-Belize, offers several field courses for health students over the winter break and during the summer for an enriching study abroad experience in English-speaking Belize. The courses carry three credit hours, transferrable to home institutions with prior approval.

Cleopatra White was the first formally trained Belizean nurse and leader in healthcare in the first half of the 20th century in Belize. She was the first rural health practitioner in Gales Point and the Manatee River area of Belize. She also organized the first village council in the country, in Gales Point, recognizing the need for managing village affairs, especially in the case of hurricanes. Her model was replicated throughout Belize, and she is credited with the idea for the present village council system. Ms. White was the second matron of the Black Cross Nurses Association. She received a Victoria Medal in 1953 for her services from the British crown and in 1958, went to England to accept the medal of Member of the Order of the British Empire. After her death in 1987, the Cleopatra White Outpatient Clinic of Belize City, was established in her honor and in 1993, a postage stamp was issued picturing White and her clinic.

The scholarship can be applied to any of our programs.

Scholarship application deadlines (apply as early as possible, space in classes is limited):
     – October 1 for winter
     – April 1 for summer

CELA Scholarships

CELA Belize will sponsor scholarships for students in the field of health and pharmacology in each period (one for winter and one for summer session). Each scholarship has a value of 50% of the regular cost of a single course. Students may choose among any courses offered. Additional charges (late arrival/early departure, extra transcripts, credit from a U.S. college/university, etc.) will be charged directly to the student at their full price.


  • Students must be currently enrolled in a college or university program
  • Students must be an active member of the American Medical Students Association, AMSA,
  • Students applying for the scholarship will submit the following documents
    • A cover letter cover letter explaining their interests in anthropology, career plans, and how this trip will enhance their studies and move them forward toward their personal goals
    • A current resume highlighting any past healthcare volunteer experiences
    • An unofficial transcript from the student’s home college/university.

Evaluation Process for the Scholarship

CELA is looking for well-rounded students who have actively engaged in their communities and are clearly committed to a career in healthcare. While academic achievement is important, we will evaluate all documents submitted by the students.

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