Are you a nursing student who wants to study abroad? Do it! Short-term study abroad programs help nursing students gain cultural perspective and global competence. (And it doesn’t look bad on a resume either!)

Is it possible for a nursing student to study abroad?


Despite the demanding requirements of nursing school, there are short-term international opportunities that won’t interfere with course requirements and may even provide transferable academic credit.

Why should a nursing student study abroad?

Two things have become abundantly clear in the past few years: the interconnectedness of our global health and the essential role of nurses in keeping our communities safe and healthy. Study abroad experiences give nursing students the skills and confidence to successfully confront health challenges both locally and globally. Although study abroad experiences have not traditionally been prioritized in nursing education, international experiences give nursing students the opportunity to develop insight into different methods of healthcare delivery and can be a particularly important component of a student nurse’s education.

What professional benefits are there to studying abroad?

Nursing students who have the opportunity to observe clinical settings internationally develop an appreciation of what it means to be a health worker in a different social and cultural context. In turn, the ability of these nursing students to provide culturally competent care is profoundly enhanced. Nursing is a people-centered profession in a field of work that transcends national boundaries. A study abroad experience exposes students to diverse people and situations and prepares student nurses for the cultural diversity they will encounter in their practice. Study abroad experiences teach nursing students how to effectively work and communicate in cross-cultural settings, which is an essential skill in this globalized world.

How can I afford to study abroad?

There are several ways to make a study abroad experience more affordable, from scholarships to crowdfunding. Be creative. The experience is worth it!


Want to study abroad but not sure if you can afford it? You are not alone! While studying abroad gives you an appreciation for the world outside of your home country, grows your character and confidence, and gives you great opportunities, many still worry about paying off student debt in the future. Thankfully, you can pursue a couple of options that may make that trip of a lifetime a little bit more affordable.

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The Gilman Scholarship offers awards of $5000 for undergraduate study abroad for U.S. undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding at a two-year or four-year college or university. Talk to us about applying!


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Many of our alumni have been successful raising money from friends, family, and community through crowdfunding. Tell your story, share your passion, and people may want to be a part of your adventure and growth!
The Gilman-McCain Scholarship is open to US citizen undergraduate students who are child dependents of active duty service members and receiving any type of Title IV federal financial aid to participate in study abroad programs worldwide.