We love sharing the wonders of Belize while providing educational services to students here. We are thrilled to see the sense of awe when students experience new knowledge first-hand through their field work and community service. Belize challenges students to move outside their comfort zones. Our students achieve amazing results when they do things they didn’t think they could or have never tried before. Watching a student grow personally with a new view of the world makes us feel C.E.L.A. has accomplished something worthwhile.

C.E.L.A. isn’t just about the few of us who founded it either. It is about the community of people who teach, live and work in Belize and provide services to our students. Student fees contribute to the development of Belize through donations to local organizations, contributions to communities for service learning projects and the employment of Belizeans.


Our organization was born in 2010 when a group of friends and co-workers decided Belize had so much to offer students and professionals in unique learning experiences that we formed a company to assist those who wanted to visit, study, and learn about Belize. Since then, we have continued to provide field courses in Belize, facilitate faculty-led groups across a wide array of academic disciplines, provide internships throughout the country, and strengthen our relationships with and support of local conservation, culture, and development projects. 


We are proud to host Belizean and international faculty which will make your learning experience unforgettable.


Dr. Nancy Adamson
Executive Director

Dr. Filiberto Penados
Founding Advisor

Addam Stine
Director of Operations

Jane Stine
Managing Director

Mary Beth Glass
Director of Admissions

Rhonda Castillo
Logistics & Operations Manager

Anna Hoare
Belize City Coordinator

Jane Champion
Programming Manager & Faculty Associate


Boris Averalo. Tropical Forest Ecologist

Dr. Jaimie Awe. Archaeologist

Elisabeth Gleckler. Public Health

Cameron Griffith. Archaeology

Dr. Sonia Gulati Global Health

Dr. Andrew Hatala. Medical Anthropologist

Vanessa Kilburn. Conservation Biology

D. Kenneth Mattes. Marine Biology

Dr. Timothy Mesh Cultural Anthropology

Dr. Lauren Miller-Griffith Sociology & Anthropology

Pablo Mis. Indigenous Governance

Judge Antoinette Moore. Supreme Court Judge

Dr. Sarah Reich, DVM. Wildlife Veterinarian

Dr. Eva Restis, DVM. Wildlife Veterinarian

Dr. Wayne Roberts. Anthropology

Dr. Ashley Runey, DVM. Wildlife Veterinarian

Dr. Lori Stahlbrand. Anthropology

Dr. Edwardo Tesecum, DVM. Veterinarian

Dr. Colin Young. Environmental Science


Joe Awe. CEO Nine San Ignacio.

Reynold Cal. Foundation for Wildlife Conservation

Cristina Coc. Toledo Program Coordinator

Rafael Guerra. Archaeologist

Sarah Mann. Founder, Belize Raptor Center

Rafael Manzaero. Friends of Conservation & Development

Ricky Manzanero. Bullet Tree Falls

Ted McKoy. Hopkins Chairman

Dr. Marisa Tellez. Founder, Crocodile Research Coalition

Ruben Tesecum. Veterinary Assistant San Ignacio

Humberto Wohlers. Animal Management Supervisor @ The Belize Zoo

Conway Young. Community Baboon Sanctuary


An innovative and socially responsible education institution committed to engaged scholarship and academically challenging and transformative learning experiences in Belize.


A recognized center of excellence for study abroad, engaged scholarship and experiential learning


Sustainability: We are committed to building a better understanding of Belize’s rich cultures and biodiversity whilst ensuring our business activities have a beneficial and sustaining impact.

Respect: We treat everyone with dignity, equality, kindness and trust regardless of ethnicity, lifestyle, gender and beliefs.

Teamwork: We work together through cooperation, dedication, respect and open communication.

Collaboration: We actively pursue and value cooperative relationships in pursuit of our mission and vision.


At C.E.L.A. Belize, we are fortunate to work with great organizations across the country when bringing you the educational experience of a lifetime. These connections enrich each program and support our partner’s efforts as well. Our valued partners include:

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