Are you looking for the experience of a lifetime? CELA can place you to work with an organization or agency in Belize where you can experience working in a different culture while gaining unique knowledge and experience. Contact us to find internships that fit your interests.



An internship with CELA allows you to be immersed in Belizean culture and learn how organizations, companies, and clinics work. You will live with a Belizean family, learn in a new environment, develop new skills, and be a part of the development of Belize. Longer internships will have more comprehensive projects. Many interns are placed with host families to ensure a rich cultural and personal experience of Belize. Belize is English speaking so there is a little language barrier, however, Spanish is widely spoken. If improving Spanish is a priority, you can be placed in a Spanish home.

When you arrive in Belize, you will receive a two-day orientation to ensure you are prepared and set up for your experience. You’ll learn about Belizean culture, prepare your internships assignments, and get a chance to ask questions. Then you will be off to your placement, where you will settle in and begin work. While there, you will have access to internet and will be given a local cell phone in order to stay in touch with family and CELA staff.

Belize has a wealth of organizations and businesses which provide excellent opportunities to apply your skills in a developing country and learn more about your selected field. CELA has nearly 50 host organizations, agencies, or clinics in which to place students. Each internship is customized for you. Let us know your areas of interest and we will develop possible placements to choose from. Once you decide on a placement, we will send you a cost estimate.


Focus areas may be subject to change depending on availability

Vet intern and Tapir

Animal Science

Vet intern holding a stone while on her archaeological .

Archaeology & Anthropology

Vet intern with the students

Education (Kindergarten to University)

Vet intern with their instructor guiding them with the net

Environment & Conservation

Intern wearing their scrubs and caps

Healthcare and Medicine

Young children in their white printed with flower dress

Indigenous Studies

Vet intern reading a booklet with laptop in front of her.

Public Policy & Government

Vet intern pose with Cornerstone foundation signage

Social Science


If you are interested in applying for an internship placement in Belize, please contact us and let us know your area of interest. Internship placements have a fee, which varies based on their length and location, that includes airport transfer, orientation, placement with a Belizean family for housing, internship coordinator, visa assistance where necessary, and internship placement.


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